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Music background

My late father, Henry Kleu Mulder, adored music. His mother, Sara Johanna Kleu, was a music teacher.

On family road trips were we accompanied by Beach Boys, Queen, Boney M, Goombay Dance Band and many more.

My grandmother gave my older sister a classical guitar for her birthday. I took over playing it a few years later.

Right around the time I started high school, I also started studying the classical guitar.

After a few years I was writing songs and playing electric guitar in a high school rock band called Kelp.

I wanted to make music, art and computer games. The aptitude tests thought I should become an architect. My parents convinced me to study business instead.

At university I started my second band. Initially called Velvet Mary, but later renamed to Velve. After half a decade of demos, club gigs, interviews, music festivals and drummers we were signed by Just Music. Our debut album was entitled Selling Skin. During this period I had the opportunity to work along side Theo Crous. He helped me gain a solid foundation and commercial experience in sound engineering and production.

I can still recall the night Velve split up. Our vocalist, Trucker, quit the band.

Within a few months I started a new band called Jackal+Wolf. We recording our debut album, The Cathedral+The Bazaar in my bedroom. The entire album was released for free.

Vocally I was strained to sing loud rock. Often resulting in unsustainable bouts of screaming. Emotionally I struggled with being the lead singer and front man. Artistically I felt unsupported, unheard and unauthentic.

I quit the band after two grueling years of writing and recording a formidable follow up album entitled Mothership Destroyer. The album was never mixed or released.

I had lost track of why I was making music.

I put down my guitar, sold most of my equipment and focused my energy on programming and movement.

What I’ve come to realise is that I had gradually degressed to writing and performing music to please others. I had lost touch with the magic part of writing music that leads you deep inside yourself to resurface with something surprisingly beautiful.

At the moment I am studying music theory, classical guitar and music technology.

I have also started composing music again.

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